Important Notice: Ownership project shut down announcement

We have completed 98% of the OWN tokens refund and are almost done with the token refund process. We thank everyone for your support and would like to announce that the refund channel will be completely shut down on 28 February 2018 23:59 Singapore Time.

However, we noticed that there is still a minority of OWN token holders who have yet to refund their tokens within the period stipulated in our previous announcement. Considering that the project will cease and OWN tokens have lost all its original value, the tokens are currently deemed worthless. If you are still holding OWN tokens and have yet to apply for a refund, we kindly urge you to go to the refund channel on the Ownership official website ( to apply for a refund. We will not process any refunds that are initiated after 28 February 2018.

Last reminder: All OWN tokens will be refunded, for both Chinese and non-Chinese investors.

Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for the team to process new refund requests. During this period, we will increase labour resources to process refund requests so as to speed up the process and allow everyone to get their refund as soon as possible. We seek your kind understanding during this period and once again, we thank you for your support and patience.



24 December 2017

重要公告:Ownership 项目结束通知

感谢大家一直以来对 OWNERSHIP 的支持,目前OWN退币进度已基本结束,已完成98%的退币申请,退币通道将于2018年2月28日24:00时正式关闭。

我们注意到,依然还有极少数 OWN 参与者并没有按照我们的声明在规定时间内提交退币申请,考虑到 OWN 已经失去其原有价值,严格意义上来说已经价值已经归零,如果您手中还持有 OWN,且没有在清退公示期间及时发起退币申请,请尽快在官网退币通道发起申请(,2018年2月28日之后的退币申请团队将不予受理。